Itís Show Time!

Above: One Foot Stand trick.

It is a strap trick, so is the Back Drag which you can see below left.

Directly below is what you call a Reverse Layover the Neck.


Trick riding is done in a straight line but you can do it in a circle.

You need a trick saddle, these are very strong and can withstand the weight of a rider hanging off them in peculiar ways. They have extra strong stirrups and handholds for various maneuvers.











Above is Ace of Spades carrying his rider perfectly in a Forward Fender.


Ace was born in the millennium. He is 15.1 hands high and is a quarterhorse/standardbred. He is an ideal trick horse as he does not go like a bullet out of a gale, which can be a little too dangerous. He has a steady pace and will stop readily at the end of the run.


Florian (Asfaloth) and Sonia (Arwen) doing horse

†work on Lord of the Rings in New Zealand.

Below: with Liv Tyler and Orlando Bloom in the making of Lord of the Rings.


Orlando enjoyed riding the horses while he was in New Zealand for the Filming of The Lord of the Rings.

Sonia and Little Man dressed up for Television as an Amazon Warrior.

Liv Tyler going for a ride in

New Zealand.

Above: Participating in a Television programme,

ĎThe Tribeí.

Above: The Mane Drag on† Tharra.

Above: Roman Riding

(DOTíS Photography)

Fantastic gala to go to, where there were many hobbits, Elves, Galadriels,† Arwens, Urak-hais, Legolas, and

the real Lurtz (Lawrence Makoare), King of the Dead (Paul Norell) and Arwens stunt riding double (Sonia Duncan)

Ring Gala 2005 at Solingen Castle in Germany. This is a festival celebrating The Lord of the Rings!